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What's in a (Soul) Name? LPTM Newsletter March 2014

Posted on: April 07, 2014 16:40pm
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What's in a (Soul) Name?
Celebrating Language at Life Pieces

Dear Wonderful Life Pieces Family,

March is the month of Language at Life Pieces To Masterpieces, when we explore and celebrate all the different ways people communicate positively with one another. Foreign languages, sign language, body language - our Apprentices have been learning new ways to express themselves and connect with others.

We've been honored to have a great deal of positive language directed our way this month. Mary Brown, LPTM Co-Founder and Executive Director, received two distinctions for outstanding leadership in DC's Ward 7 community: she was named a Ward 7 Woman of Excellence by the East River Family Strengthening Collaborative, Inc., and was selected as a leading arts entrepreneur to speak on the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities panel Entrepreneurial Spirit: Women Arts Leaders in Ward 7.

And, recognized as a leader in black male development, LPTM was selected to help lead the national discussion on President Obama's new My Brother's Keeper initiative through a White House Twitter panel on African American education.

We are thrilled that while we're teaching our Apprentices about Language (associated with yellow on our Shield of Faith), so much positive expression is coming back our way with recognition both in our community and on the national level. Even amid all that excitement, however, the biggest highlight of our month came from right at home: our Family Night celebration.

Family Night is our chance to bring together the entire Life Pieces community - Apprentices, their parents and families, and our many volunteers and supporters - to celebrate our amazing young men. It's also an opportunity to share our culture, and, of course, our language. Each class shared a presentation based on what they've been learning and creating this semester, parents and guardians had chances to win prizes by showing their knowledge of our Human Development System, and (of course) everyone enjoyed plenty of delicious food.

At the heart of all our Family Night celebrations, and at the heart of what makes Life Pieces such a unique and loving space, is our Soul Name ceremony. Soul Names are given to members of the LPTM family who have shown consistent leadership and have embraced their own journey of personal growth. These names call forth the highest good of those individuals and recognize an innate creative ability that makes them unique. At Tuesday's Family Night, seven people were given their new Soul Names: Brother Excellence, Brother Growth, Sister Sincerity, Brother Service, Sister Soaring Strength, Brother Consciousness, and Sister Creative Light.

Like everything we do, our Soul Name tradition is based in our belief in shared humanity, in the brilliance that lies within each individual. That brilliance, the potential for greatness we all share, connects us and guides us. Life Pieces has learned that by calling forth their highest good within an environment of love, security, and expression, we can awaken youth to their own power and purpose.

That is the power of language. For over eighteen years, we have been witness to the remarkable transformations that occur when our young men connect with the strength of their own voices. We're honored to have you with us as we continue that journey of transformation.

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