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Our Art Process


"I had limited words. This was changed with exposure, doing presentations, meeting new people, being allowed to express myself through art -- that really opened me up to at least talking more, holding conversations, and being open to meeting new people."


LPTM Apprentice


Apprentices begin by connecting with themselves with a period of meditation, inner reflection, circle time, or journal writing. Then they share their thoughts and feelings with the group. These connections create the foundation of all art pieces. Next, Apprentices agree upon the theme for the painting. Sometimes the theme also inspires poetry, song, or theatre presentations. Most importantly, brainstorming about the painting encourages Apprentices to share stories about their lives and discover similarities and differences amongst each other.


Each Apprentice creates a part of the collective piece. Roles include sketching the idea, blending colors to create desired colors and shades, preparing the canvas, cutting out shapes, making stretcher bars and mounting paintings. Each step of the process is very intentional and up to the individual artist. Once the image is sketched and various canvases have been painted, Apprentices piece together their masterpiece using shapes they have cut from their own canvases as well as scraps from previous masterpieces. Apprentices assemble the image, pin pieces together, and sew the masterpiece together using a sewing machine.


Contribute and Celebrate!

Apprentices name the painting together. There are opportunities throughout the year to share their masterpieces during family nights or community art events. Time and again, our Apprentices share that the most powerful impact LPTM has had on their lives has been the opportunity and guidance on how to truly express themselves with others.

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