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Our Art Process


"I had limited words. This was changed with exposure, doing presentations, meeting new people, being allowed to express myself through art -- that really opened me up to at least talking more, holding conversations, and being open to meeting new people."


LPTM Apprentice

The Life Pieces to Masterpieces artistic process is a four-step process that correlates with the framework mapped out in our Human Development System, which we call the 4 C's: Connect, Create, Contribute, Celebrate.


The Apprentices begin by connecting with themselves through meditation, inner reflection, circle time, or journal writing. They brainstorm and generate ideas through reflecting on and chronicling their day-to-day and life experiences. They share these experiences in small, intimate sessions that promote a safe space for interaction and communication among peers. These connections create the foundation of every piece of artwork.


Once a theme is selected, the Apprentices then endeavor to create a part of the collective piece. They each take on a role, working togerther to sketch their visions, blend the primary colors to form new colors and shades, and prepare the canvas. Next, the Apprentices cut out and arrange the individual shapes, which are then sewn together to complere their masterpieces. Lastly, the Apprentices name the painting together.


Contribute and Celebrate!

The final stages of the process are to contribute and celebrate. This is accomplished through presentations and exhibits. The Apprentices present their completed masterpieces to family and staff, as well as at various annual Life Pieces to Masterpieces exhibits. The finished bodies of work are emblematic of our belief that the lives of our young boys and men are also masterpieces. It is our hope that the compelling stories behind each masterpiece can help others in the neighborhood, city, county and world experiencing similar challenges and inspire them to discover the resilience necessary to navigate through them.


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