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Making the Case

A Need for Programs that Drive Results

"Earning a family-supporting wage means having a postsecondary education. The average male college graduate earns 70 percent more than a high school graduate."


-- Double the Numbers for College Success, 2006


  • Only 33% of students in Wards 7 and 8 will graduate from high school and only 5% will earn a post secondary degree. These numbers are very low, compared to both district and national averages.
  • Young men are particularly vulnerable to low levels of educational attainment. A young woman is twice as likely to graduate from college than her male counterpart. (Double the Numbers for Success, 2006). Educational attainment is a decisive factor in breaking the cycle of poverty.
  • LPTM has a notable track record of closing these gaps. 100% of LPTM graduates go on to college or post secondary education.


Ward 7 & 8
U.S. Average
  High School Graduation Rate
  College/Vocational School Entrance Rate
  College Graduation Rate
Source: Double the Numbers for College Success, 2006
A NOTE ABOUT EDUCATION STATISTICS: Different sources report high school graduation, post secondary matriculation and college graduation rates very differently. These figures were compiled by a third party non-profit organization, rather than DCPS.


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