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It's All About Love: LPTM Newsletter February 2014

Posted on: March 17, 2014 12:13pm
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Four young Apprentices showing love

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All About Love
Dear Wonderful Life Pieces Family,
LPTM operates on a simple but powerful Premise: Love + Security + Expression = Life; No Love + No Security + No Expression = Death. Every month we focus on one of the values on our Shield of Faith, and this month's value brings into focus the first part of that equation: Loving.
Love is the foundation of everything we do at Life Pieces. In the words of Brother Marlon, an 11-year-old Apprentice in our Legacy class, "To me, loving means to care for yourself or someone else and to have a courageous heart.You need a courageous heart in order to love someone or something and to show feelings to someone that you care for."
For eighteen years, LPTM has been creating a safe and loving environment where everyone who touches our mission can connect with their own courageous heart. It's that consistent love, shown every day and in every interaction, that allows our beautiful young men to feel secure, to explore their identities, and to express their true selves.
It has been a powerful month of diving into the roots of that love with our Apprentices. We have learned together about the love shown through the sacrifices made by civil rights leaders in recognition of Black History Month. Reflecting on Valentines Day, we have discussed what it means to participate in healthy, respectful, and loving relationships. Our youngest Tree House Apprentices decorated hearts and gave them to a LPTM Mentor, Teacher, or staff member whose love they especially appreciated, while our older Legacy Apprentices are expressing their love for their community by starting a campaign against drug-related violence in their neighborhoods.
And of course, we couldn't be more thankful for the love and support you continue to give us - you make it possible for our Apprentices to continue to develop their character and leadership, unlock their potential, and transform their lives and communities.
As you can see, we take love very seriously at LPTM, so we don't say this lightly: We love you!

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